Lili Reinhart feels 'like a prisoner' going back to work on Riverdale

Lili Reinhart feels ”like a prisoner” going back to work on the ‘Riverdale’ set in Canada.

Lili Reinhart feels ”like a prisoner” going back to work.

The ‘Riverdale’ star has been called back to set to film the show in Canada and she admits it is tough because no one can visit her and she can’t return home.

She said: ”I genuinely feel like a prisoner, going back to work, because I cannot leave Canada. That doesn’t feel good.

”You can’t go home for Thanksgiving, can’t visit your family. No one can come visit you unless they quarantine for two weeks. It just feels f*****. I’m very lucky, but it’s like, ‘I need to keep going. I need to keep going … We stopped during the prom episode, so I have to fit back in that prom dress. Five months later, we’re all going to be tan, maybe a little bit thicker. I certainly am.”

The 23-year-old actress admits she felt ”very lost” at the start of the pandemic but decided that rather than distracting herself, she would ”choose the harder route” and focus on herself and do the ”work” to improve herself.

Speaking to NYLON magazine, she added: ”At the beginning of this pandemic, I felt very lost. I felt very sad and hopeless, because of personal things that were happening in my life. Instead of distracting myself, f****** random people and doing drugs and drinking my problems away.”I chose the harder route, which was to not distract myself. I was like, ‘I’m not doing that. I’m going to go through the next however many months of s***, pure s***, awful, crying every day, but the necessary work.”’