About African News Agency

The African News Agency (ANA) is Africa’s largest news and content syndication business.

ANA launched in 2015 and serves local, continental and global clients with unbiased,
accurate news and content from Africa by Africans 24/7

There are over 40 member businesses in ANA’s Africa Partner Network Alliance, all major media and publishing businesses.


Powering Africa’s growth and development with content & information.

Our Partners

The African News Agency (ANA) is Africa’s first syndicated, multimedia news and content distribution service. We strive to provide information that is helpful and relevant to decision-makers, investors and ordinary people. 


Our ANA News Wire is the single, most comprehensive source of African news:

we inform, enlighten and connect you to Africa and the World. ANA News Wire is committed to telling our continent’s story with accuracy and balance, while providing the African perspective. We strive 24/7 to be your reliable and credible African news source.


Our continent has so many untold stories that should be heard and so many investment opportunities that should be shared. We structure our content across six key pillars: conflict and crisis; economics and governance; business and entrepreneurship; sustainable development; marginalised communities (women and youth); and lifestyle and sport.

Descended from the South African Press Association (SAPA), the ANA News Wire established itself as Africa’s leading news platform and has forged alliances with trusted news partners across the continent and the world. Together we cover the globe and our own ANA Correspondents provide first-hand accounts of breaking news.
When news breaks, we will know and we will tell you immediately, helping you to make better decisions faster. We aim to provide news you can use: information that is helpful and relevant to decision-makers, investors and ordinary people.
We provide comprehensive news diaries, text reports, pictures and videos on our state-of-the-art digital platforms, designed specifically to speedily share large quantities of content. We produce our own unique copy, according to international best practice reporting standards, and we also offer you syndicated news from a range of government and independent sources.


ANA PR Wire is an information service that allows business, organisations and individuals to share their news releases instantaneously with millions around the world at competitive rates. Anyone – journalists, media professionals, analysts, financiers, investors, the public – can register and access information easily for free.

The PR service is affordable so that even the smallest start-up can reach an international audience. Our clients may also access our daily, monthly, quarterly and annual Media Monitoring, Tracking and Analysis Reports, giving them a 360-degree PR measurement and management tool which will assist them in improving their exposure in the market place.


ANA’s Technology has been built by one of the African continent’s leading content distribution and subscription platforms.
ANA’s subscribers and partners will be able to access news in text, pictures and video via numerous channels. ANA will also offer subscribers standardised, secure RSS feeds or JSON services, that are complemented by presentable web and mobile views of the curated ANA content.